Care Providers in the NICU

NICU Staff Types Centennial Hills Hospital Las Vegas Nevada

Among the professionals you may meet in the NICU include:

Neonatologist — a pediatric MD specializing in premature or ill newborns.

Pediatrician — a physician specially trained to care for infants and children.

(NICU) Staff Nurse — a nurse specially trained in the care of premature and sick infants.

Respiratory Therapist — a healthcare professional who specializes in breathing functions.

Breastfeeding / Lactation Specialist — a registered nurse who helps mothers and newborns succeed in breastfeeding.

Occupational and Physical Therapists — specialty-trained healthcare professionals who assist with your baby's development, positioning, feeding and the ways the baby relates to his or her environment.

Medical Social Worker/Discharge Planner — healthcare professionals who can lend emotional support and communicate with your insurance carrier about coverage and authorization.

Unit Coordinators and Certified Nursing Assistants — team members who provide clerical support, stock supplies, bathe infants and assist as needed.

Laboratory and Radiology Technologists — healthcare professionals who take blood samples and perform X-rays.