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Childbirth Education Classes Centennial Hills Hospital Nevada

Attending childbirth education classes can help prepare you for delivery and increase your comfort level in caring for your newborn. The Women's Center at Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas is honored to be a part of this exciting time in your life!

Classes fill quickly, so please call us at 702-388-4888 or register online (see registration links below) at the beginning of your second trimester. Our classes are listed below:

Birthplace Tours

Meet us on the second-floor lobby at 6 p.m. on the first and fourth Monday of every month to learn more about what we offer for expecting moms. 

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Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding is a positive choice for you and your new baby. A certified lactation consultant will provide you with the tools necessary for a successful experience and give you the confidence to succeed! We ask that you bring a stuffed animal for demonstration purposes. Topics include breastfeeding basics (for cesarean delivery and vaginal delivery), positioning, latch-on, weaning, jaundice and dealing with challenges. Strategies for moms returning to work will also be discussed. Women are encouraged to ask their partner or a friend to attend the class with them

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*PLEASE NOTE: Registration is required to attend and the class fee must be paid in advance with a credit or debit card or a PayPal account. No cash payments will be accepted.

Childbirth Education Class

Whether you are a first-time parent or you are looking for a refresher, this course can help you prepare for the childbirth process. Labor positions, breathing techniques, induction of labor, vaginal delivery, c-section delivery, pain relief methods and more will be covered. Expectant mothers are encouraged to bring a support person along for the class.

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*PLEASE NOTE: Registration is required to attend and the class fee must be paid in advance with a credit or debit card or a PayPal account. No cash payments will be accepted. 

Breastfeeding Support Group

Meet with one of our Certified Lactation Consultants for help with any feeding challenges that you are managing. 

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Natural Childbirth Class

This class teaches natural childbirth concepts, non-pharmacologic coping measures and labor methods without pain medication or an epidural. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to practice hands-on techniques with their partner. This class is meant to be taken in conjunction with the Childbirth Preparation class, but it is not required.

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NICU Parent Hour

Come meet with other families of NICU babies, make a craft, support each other and learn from our NICU staff.

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Please call 702-388-4888 if you have any questions about classes or to confirm that a class is taking place. All class times and locations are subject to change without advance notice. If you register and are later unable to attend a class, please call us at 702-388-4888 so the next person on the waiting list can attend.