Centennial Hills Hospital Completes $18 Million Expansion

Centennial Hills Hospital Completes $18 Million Expansion

Centennial Hills Hospital, located in northwest Las Vegas, recently completed its $18.2 million expansion. The project built out the remaining two floors of the eight-story tower, adding 60 private patient rooms and over 200 additional parking spaces. The expansion increases the hospital’s licensed bed count to 250, compared to 165 beds when the hospital first opened in 2008.

“The development of the additional capacity was in direct response to the growth of our communities and wanting to ensure that our hospital kept up with the growing demands of these areas. Adding more patient rooms helps increase our community’s access to care,” said Sajit Pullarkat, CEO of Centennial Hills Hospital. “It allows us to move patients more quickly from the emergency department to a nursing unit where they can receive the appropriate level of care.”  

New Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center Under Construction

Centennial Hills Hospital will open its Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center, located on the first floor of its medical office building, later this summer. Construction on the center began in early April. The center will offer a complete range of services for patients suffering from chronic, non-healing wounds. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) will also be available, and is applied as a primary or secondary treatment for many conditions, including bone infections that do not respond to standard treatment, crush injuries and reattachment of severed limbs, deep tissue injury from radiation therapy and skin grafts or flaps that are not healing.

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